NBA 2k19: How to Get VC (Cash) Fast

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    Similar to previous games in the yearly basketball title, Virtual Currency (VC), which may be earned in-game or bought with real cash, is an essential currency used across the game manners of NBA 2k19. NBA MT Coins is used for purchasing apparel, obtaining a fresh haircut in MyCareer, upgrading the stats of your participant, purchasing MyTeam packs, and more. So, how do you make VC quickly in NBA 2k19?

    Primarily, you can make up to 600 VC daily using the MyNBA 2k19 mobile app. You may get 500 VC every day from games in quick game, with each game rewarding you with 50 VC regardless of the match outcomes.

    A different way to earn VC is by completing matches in MyCareer. You will earn a certain amount of VC based on your player performance; however, there aren’t any more VC multipliers for completing a match on a higher difficulty setting. Basically, you are going to earn about 700 to 1500 VC per game.

    The weekly NBA 2KTV interactive episodes are also a great way to make money. Just answer a few questions to earn around 500 VC as well as various benefits, such as cards such as MyTeam. Aside from getting in-game benefits, you will discover a few tidbits on certain ballers and a couple of insights on how developer Visual Concepts generated NBA 2k19.

    You can even make money with little to no attempt by simulating matches in NBA 2k19. Proceed to MyLeague and simulate games in real time together with Simcast. You can fast forward the simulation rate so matches will finish faster. In the close of the game, you will be given a hefty amount of VC.

    If you happen to be near the reddit game discuss Zone while researching The Neighborhood, it is worth visting the region to earn a teeny bit of cash. There’s also a machine where it is possible to wager on three match ups, and you’ll earn 25 VC for each correct pick.

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